Gallium liquid metal

gallium liquid metal for sale

Gallium liquid metal for sale

What is Gallium Used for

What is Gallium used for? Gallium is a specialty metal for some scrappers and yards that buy gallium metal. You likely handle it everyday and do not realize it because it looks like many other types of scrap metal.

In science we learn all about life, how it works, and how it pertains to science as a study. A very large portion of scientific studies are devoted to the investigation of elements and their placement on the periodic table of elements.

In this article you will be reading about the element Gallium and its chemical properties, its physical properties, the history behind the element, and proper precautions that you should take into considering when handling this element.

What is Gallium Used for Currently

The element known as Gallium is actually used unbeknownst to us in many daily factors of our lives. In fact, most of the electronics that we use today are commonly made with some amount of this element within.

You know that smartphone that you love so much? This element is not only used to make cellphones, but it is used in many products such as computers, televisions, back-lit flat-panel devices, and lasers!

Physical Properties

Gallium cannot be commonly found in nature, it has to be extracted through a process known as smelting. This element has very striking physical characteristics such as its highly prominent silver coloration, and when in its solid is know to fracture like glass. During solidification this element can expand by at least 3.1% and it is therefore advisable to take care when storing.

Chemical Properties

The element known as Gallium will shown reactions to quite a few differing substances, but only in controlled environments. An example of one of these controlled environments is the recorded reaction of this element to Chalcogen compounds. When heated to extremes this element has shown to change to Ga(III) oxide. This element is known for showing no reactions at room temperature. See all Products